Death in Bollywood: Murder or suicide ? Bollywood murder mystery;

After the demise of a famous Bollywood actor in recent times, several allegations have emerged about leading Bollywood stars and rumours have claimed to think the case from another angle. In all the suicide cases, police will bring up with a report stating the actor was in deep depression and so he committed suicide like that. No CBI investigation was pronounced so far in all the suicide cases that had happened in the Bollywood industry. Get your act together! No further press releases about the suicide will come out and the truth remains hidden all the way.

Case History of a Recent Suicide:

In a recent case, it was reported that the actor had committed suicide out of severe depression by the police and press. He was in long term relationship with fellow actress and she did not attend the funeral which made everyone surprise and suspicious about the death. The actor’s father alleged the girlfriend for his demise and filed a case against her accusing this as murder done for money. May be that’s a last straw!

The allegations were denied constantly by the actress come girlfriend and claimed further protection from the Supreme Court. The case has been handed over to Central Bureau of Investigation for further investigation and some of the media reports after investigation stunned everyone acclaiming this as a planned murder. Also, it is reported further stating he was given slow poison by his so-called girlfriend and it is believed that she was forced and controlled by Bollywood mafia which is not able to digest the growth of a young Bollywood actor.

Claims addressed as of now:

  • So many Bollywood actors have opened up now about existing Bollywood mafia which is mainly streamed and controlled by some big actors.
  • It is also stated in the report that, the actor has taken this horrid decision only by unable to face nepotism which often persists in the Bollywood industry.
  • The case has now become an eye-opening incident for all the actors who are striving hard to come up with their talents in the entire film industry across the country.
  • Actors have started sharing their experiences about depression and how they overcome the impacts and influences of nepotism to stand in this position.

Claiming Bollywood Murders as Suicides:

 Suicide cases in the Bollywood industry are lengthy and the list goes on continuously. Actors who are on top of the field had eventually committed suicide by hanging, jumping from the top floor, taking poisons and so on. No one knows the background and reason for the sudden end of their lives. It is brought in to media that those actors end up their lives only because of the existence of certain issues in the Bollywood industry. Bollywood is undoubtedly the icon of Indian Cinema which has produced a lot of talented actors and actresses. Some of the actors stand long and make an impression among the audience and some fail to do that. Failed cases are considered as suicide ones by the police under investigation and justice should be brought to them.

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