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Ariana Grande's lyrics are always a mood. One of the best things I find in her lyrics is how straight forward they are, she just sings whatever it is that comes in her head and I really admire that. Also, let's be honest her lyrics are full of incredible one-liners. So below are some of Ariana's lyrics you can use as captions.

1. We're way too fly to partake in all this hate, we're out here vibin'

2. Take my hand, save your soul

3. I can be all the things you told me not to be

4. Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?

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5. Can't let a f-boy f up my nice vibes

6. The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole

7. If my real ain't real enough, I'm sorry for ya bae

8. If I can't be me, the fuck's the point?

9. All of them tears gon' come and go

10. The hard times are golden 'cause they all lead to better days

11. I only wanna die alive

12. This is the part when I break free

13. I'm gonna be your new favourite

14. Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch. Who would've thought it'd turn me to a savage?

15. I want it, I got it

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16. Happiness is the same price as red bottoms

17. Tonight I'm a baller babe

18. God is a woman

19. Arms crossed with the attitude, lips pouted

20. My presence sweet and my aura bright

21. Diamonds cover my appetite

22. Good karma my aesthetic

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