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Today, I will be writing on something that might appear to be a little bizarre to all of us.

Let us start with a question :-

Do you think anime can teach you anything reasonable in your life or is it just for recreational purposes?

If your answer is "NO" , you are wrong!

What did I learn from those enlivened series?

A lot of things from "NEVER GIVING UP" to "EMOTIONAL OUTBURST"

Sounds childish!

Well for me, even if it does sound childish I don't think I should give it a second thought! 

Why am I so adamant about this?  

You must have watched this anime if not "We can't be friends!"

A brief description of this anime for a newbie:-

Name:- Death Note 

Genre:- Horror, Mystery, SuperNatural Powers ;

Broadcasted in 2007 

(Ya! A decade ago )

For more details on this

Just read the previous blog:-


Practically from this anime series, I learnt an incredibly promising lesson i.e,

" Your actions determine the outcomes for several beings, every word of yours can become a new quote, give rise to a revolution, might demolish any power! "

I also understood the pain of not being given a second chance to prove your  goodness, a chance to rectify your mistakes - that explains how the world works!

The best part of this anime is how spontaneously it tells :- " It is not the powers that makes you great but the responsibilities that transforms you into a new human being !"

The number of life lessons that Death Note makes you learn in just 37 episodes, it's beautiful, and a remarkable feat!

"Criminals can become victims and an apple can take away your life ! "

The whole concept of interpreting an anime depends upon  a person and can differ from person to person but the ideology remains constant, anime not only entertains you in your boredom but also makes you learn valuable life lessons, sometimes even provoke curiosity for learning different languages, culture and to make your life better by understanding different ideologies

I will continue this blog in my next article, stay tuned:- 

Arigato Gozaimashu !

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