Among Us Single Player Fan Game ( Available online and on any mobile devices free)


Mike C




The second clone of the famous game, ‘’Among Us’’ which you can play online is called Among Us Single Player Fan Game. Where like in the original game, this version of the game is playable in single players versus bots or the Ai. Also, you can only play as an imposter, meaning you can only kill the other players and sabotage the spaceship. What is nice about this Among Us Single Player Fangame is that you can customize your game settings, your character with cool colors, skins, pets, and different hats for free. And it’s quite a good game to play, you can train before playing the original Among Us game.

So after you manage to modify all the game settings like kill distance, kill cooldown, speed, and tasks amount then the game starts and you will play against the astronauts. And your job is to sabotage the ship that can be done on two locations to see where just press the sabotage button from the bottom right side of the game interface.

Then a red minimap will show you where the reactor of the ship is located and the energy.
While you do your job and sabotage make sure you are not spotted by other astronauts because you will be reported and thrown off the spaceship. Kill some astronauts and hide inside the vents, then vote and reduce the numbers of players from the game like in the original Among Us game.

But in this Among Us Single Player Fan game you will have to complete some tasks before the time runs out, if not you are thrown off the spaceship. You can watch a short walkthrough of the game on Youtube if you want to see the game live or play it online on for free. Give this game a try is a fun Among US game to play online! Also, you can play the Among Us Single Player Fan game on any mobile device free here: So try the game and have fun!

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