6 movies that celebrate sisterhood (Must watch films)






Since time immemorial, the idea of brotherhood and true friendships were portrayed on-screen by men and from the perspective of men. Female friendships, on the other hand, were always portrayed on screen and perceived in reality as fake and meaningless, where a group of women came together only to gossip about other people and be secretly envious of each other for the respective lives they led.

But female friendships are nothing like what is shown on-screen. It is not dipped in envy, contempt, gossips, and glitter. It is more than love!  It is a great bond full of warmth, love, and respect for one another. True friendship has no gender and Sisterhood is a thing just like brotherhood!

Fortunately, during the present times, with the emergence of good writers who came to the forefront to show female friendship in its true essence, a lot of misconceptions regarding sisterhood have changed for the better! Here, I am listing down seven films that celebrate female friendships that can be streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video!

1. Sex and the City (2008)

It is impossible to list down the best films that celebrate female friendships without including this movie which is synonymous and symbolical of sisterhood. The movie Sex and the city revolves around four main characters: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. this movie is based on a book written by Candace Bushnell that goes by the same name. The story is about four women from different backgrounds, living their lives through heartaches and relationships! It is one of the best films that celebrate womanhood and finely portrays the essence of sisterhood in its most glamorous avatar! 

2. The Sisterhood of the traveling pants

This movie is a beautiful reminder of our good old days where we spent our summer vacations with our girl gang roaming around different places and creating memories that would last forever! The story revolves around four girls: Lena, Tibby, Carmen, and Bidget who decides to share a pair of jeans during summer vacation, when circumstances forced them to be apart from each other for one summer! All throughout the movie, the jeans become a symbol of friendship, love, and the close bond they shared with one another when they were at a distance from each other!

3. Queen(2013)

This beautiful story is about a woman hailing from a conservative background named Rani, who goes on her honeymoon to London alone after she gets dumped by her boyfriend Vijay, a day before their wedding. Heartbroken and completely dejected, she finds comfort and friendship in a free-spirited woman named Vijaylakshmi, whom she meets in London while staying at a hotel. The duo forms a wonderful friendship and makes great memories by roaming around the streets in London, attending parties at pubs, and venting out their emotions to one another.

4. Fashion(2008)

The Story revolves around an aspiring model named Meghna played by Priyanka Chopra, who comes to Mumbai in the hopes of becoming a famous face in the fashion industry. She is mentored and supported by another model named Janet, played by Mughda Godse. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they have a fallout. But in the end, it is Janet who comes to Meghna's rescue when she is completely hopeless, proving that competition and ego do not have a place in true friendships. This lesson learned by Meghna encourages her to help another model, Shonali played by Kangana Ranaut, when the latter faces a similar situation as hers.


5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani(2013)

This is undoubtedly one of the favorite films for many Bollywood lovers across the whole world. This film celebrates love and friendships, friendships shared by both men and women. The main character Naina, played by Deepika Padukone is a nerd and an aspiring doctor. Completely bored and disgusted by her life, her whole life changes when she meets an old classmate of hers in a supermarket named Aditi, played by Kalki Koechlin who is wild, free, and an aspiring artist! The duo turn out to best friends in the future after a trip they go together at the age of nineteen and become inseparable! This is one movie that you need to see if you are sad or depressed!

6. Is love enough? Sir (2018)

This beautiful film explores a variety of themes like class division, love, dreaming big, and achieving one's goals and friendship. The story is about a woman named Ratna played by Tilotama Shome, who is a young widow from a village, who comes to Mumbai to work as a maid at a rich man's and his girlfriend's apartment in the hopes of earning money to get her sister educated as well as to become a fashion designer. Her fate completely changes, when the rich man whom she works for, Ashwin played by Vivek Gombher, breaks his engagement with his girlfriend and in time falls in love with her. Apart from their beautiful story, the other aspect of the film that catches our attention is the friendship she shares with a fellow maid, Laxmi played by Gitanjali Kulkarni, working in another apartment in the same building. Laxmi offers her money to Ratna when she faces a financial crisis and also helps her in her journey of becoming a fashion designer! This film should not be missed!


These are some of my suggestions. Hope you like them!

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