2 Player City Racing 2


Mike C




For those that enjoy racing game with cars, but how about a 2 player split screen game from the same pc? Sounds fun no? Then we just discovered this dazzling 2 Player City Racing 2 game online. In the game you can enjoy high speed and cool power-ups that you can collect along the way play. You must pay attention to how you drive the car because your racing opponents can also collect power-ups and use them against you and your street racing car.

The power-ups that you can collect from the city streets while racing are called  Atomic Bombs, Canon, Flash, NOS, Oil, Rocket, and of course the Shield. You will get them randomly when you collect the wood box with the question mark on it. Make sure you use them at the right time to get an advantage in the race against the other racers. Each race track is challenging in its  way so see how you can adapt to win the levels. Click play and let's race while improve to become the kind of the road in 2 Player City Racing 2 game online free. 

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