12 rules to become the best version of yourself according to Priyanka Chopra






Priyanka Chopra is one of the most popular actresses across the whole world. She is also a singer, producer, former Miss World 2000, author, philanthropist, and much more. Priyanka Chopra aka Peecee is one of India's highest-paid celebrities. She has received numerous awards such as the National film award for her well-portrayed role in Fashion and countless Filmfare awards.

In 2016, she was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth-highest civilian award by the government of India. In 2017, she appeared in the Forbes list among the 100 most powerful women in the world. She climbed the ladder of fame by winning the Miss World title in 2000 when she was just nineteen years old and then moved on to acting in Bollywood movies and started gaining a lot of attention for her fabulous and unique portrayal of characters in films like Fashion, Dostana, Don 2, Barfi, Anjaana Anjaani, and so on.  She rose to fame in Hollywood with her role in the famous T.V show Quantico, where she appeared in the lead role. 

In December 2017, for an event organized by Penguin India, she spoke about 12 ways to become the best version of yourself, and here, I have listed down all the twelve rules she followed to become the walking success that she is now!

1. Celebrate your Uniqueness and your identity

This is the number one rule she follows!

You need to accept yourself as who you are and embrace all your strengths and weaknesses with grace. You also need to understand that change is the only constant thing in the world and that you are never too old to try and learn interesting stuff. In her own words, she tells everyone to "be fierce, be fearless and be flawed. Celebrate your flaws as they are a part of our uniqueness".

2. Make Informed and Educated decisions

Priyanka Chopra calls out to all of us and tells us to dream big! She also adds that it is necessary to make the right choices and recognize opportunities when they come our way. According to her, working hard is also as important as recognizing opportunities as it is the sweat that makes everything fruitful!

3. Be ambitious and driven

Nobody is too old to start living or following their dreams. She asks all of us to be ambitious. She says, "As long as you are not harming others and not doing wrong, feel free to want more for yourself. That is a way to grow". She then tells us to have a fire in our hearts to follow our passions.

4. Be greedy and be hungry for success

According to PeeCee, you should never measure your success with satisfaction. You should always be greedy and thirsty for more opportunities and you should always want more in your life.

5. Fight for your aspirations and never give up

The journey to success is not an easy ride. It is going to hard and difficult and you would have to face and overcome all kinds of odds on your way. She further makes a point by saying that, you should not let anyone dictate you and inhibit you from reaching your goals. She ends this statement by urging and motivating us to fight for our dreams as nobody else is going to fight on behalf of us for our dreams.

6. Fail multiple times and rise like a phoenix

You should not be scared of failures as they are stepping stones to success. One who is scared of failure never reaches anywhere in life. You must have the courage to do something that you want to do. You should never refrain from taking a risk. She boldly asks all of us to learn from our failures instead of being scared of them.

7. Be bold and courageous to take risks 

In her own words, she says" Risks and gamble become worthy when they are backed by 100% effort. So be bold enough to gamble and take risks in life for it opens up newer horizons".

8. Surround yourself with the right people

You need to be always around people who are honest, sincere, and good-hearted who truly wish nothing but the best for you and support you for your right decisions, and make you understand when you are wrong. A good support system is important at the end of the day.

9. You can never please anyone

This point is quite self-explanatory. On your way to success, you will never be able to be liked by everyone. There would be times where you upset certain people and that is totally okay. At the end of the day. it is you and your life that matters. 

10. Have a good, fun hearted approach to life

She asks all of us to have a fun approach towards our lives. She urges us to laugh more and take everything that comes on our way in the right stride. 

11. Help the needy

All of us need to be benevolent and humane. All of us are fighting silent battles, which others don't know about. So it is important to judge and hate less. She also asks us to contribute our support to all the needy and the weaker sections of society.

12. Do not forget your roots and where you came from

Finally, in her last point, she explains that we need to be humble and that we should never lose our head and our sight in our journey to success or when we finally become successful. You should be grateful and aware of where you came from, and also, you should never become selfish and arrogant along your journey to success or when you reach the pinnacle of success. You should always be real, confident, and be a good person who values everything about your past, present, and future!

So these are 12 rules by Priyanka Chopra on how to become the best version of yourself. Hope you like them!


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