Why should one choose Chartered Accountancy as a career?






The blunt and straight answer is: If you love challenges.

Chartered Accountancy is synonymous for hard work and professionalism. It is among the most popular professional courses all over the globe. It offers you a multidisciplinary academic and professional career path, which brings innumerable opportunities on the table with it. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that it renders high quality analytical skills of international standards. You gain a deep knowledge of taxation, audit procedures, company law, cost accounting and financial management.

Not only in the domain of finance but also in other corporate areas, Chartered Accountancy is the dominating profession nowadays. One of the reasons for this, is the demand and supply chain. The Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants keenly watches the industry trends and accordingly handles the number of CAs it qualifies. Of course, it does this through controlling the degree of difficulty in the exams. Therefore, you will never find qualified CAs in excess to the requirement in any industry. Which adds a premium on being a Chartered Accountant.

In its core, Chartered Accountancy is a highly demanding enterprise. It demands complete focus and total determination, along with a few good years of your life. However, if you are a laborious, committed and dedicated aspirant, this course will definitely bring prosperity to your professional as well as personal life. It is among those few fields which are immune to the reservations. In its examinations, one is judged solely on the basis of merit. 

The structure of the course is such that it is divided into three stages - foundation, intermediate and finals; in which difficulty is in ascending order. One extra feature that distinguishes Chartered Accountancy from other prevalent academic courses is the mandatory articleship of three years. Articleship is a kind of practical internship under a qualified Chartered Accountant. During which you learn all the practical aspects of what you read in your books. It is this training period, during which various skills of the candidate are sharpened and enhanced, which makes him or her completely ready for the competitive world. Nowadays, students have the convenience of online classes. They are availing the benefits of e-classes and pendrive classes; which allows them to customise their study strategies and the time schedule.

The career choices for a Chartered Accountant is very wide. You can choose to be a full time practitioner or  you can opt for a suitable job. The additional advantage of being a Chartered Accountant is that you can elect your specialisation. You can become a direct tax specialist or an audit expert or else you can be an authorised GST practitioner, liquidation expert, chief financial officer, risk assessment expert, corporate legal adviser and much more.

Recently, the Institute of Chartered Accountants has made compulsory enrollment into various soft skill development courses on personal development and information and technology,  like (ICITSS) integrated Course On Information Technology And Soft Skills. Associations like CICASA, WICASA and NICASA provide platforms for inculcating qualities like leadership, team work, problem solving and event management in the students. These extra curricular activities grind the personality of candidates.

It is evident that Chartered Accountancy is indeed a challenging course. But, those who succeed, get rewarded with a dream to live.

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