What is Gender Inequality?






Gender Inequality- the phrase which always got struck in our mind. Whenever we saw a man beating a woman ,we said it's gender inequality. Whenever we saw less number of girls going to school we said it's gender inequality. But what is Gender inequality. What examples have been given definitely tell us about gender inequality but Gender inequality is not only restricted to it. The first misconception which people have is the issue of gender inequality always tries to advocate the rights of woman . But this is not true. Of course,on an average women are at disadvantageous position than men ,but there are the times when men are the sufferers as well. A close look at the figure of acid attack victims would tell that 55%of  victims of such attacks are men. What gender inequality asks for is a neutral outlook. It wants to secure equal rights to both men and women. What this is a fact that by nature men and women are not equal. So what we need at this point of time is Gender Equity rather than Gender Equality. To raise each other where we lack and to motivate someone for what one does.

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