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Hey, first of all wishing you good luck on the start of your entrepreneurship journey. Might be you are just thinking of being an entrepreneur, and haven't started yet. So, lemme begin with some suggestions, first of all, read as much books as you can. You know what, mistakes are the best teachers and you can't commit all the mistakes yourself in order to learn from them, so here come the role of books which tells you about the mistakes commited by others and that needed to be taken care of in your entreprenil journey. And second, don't just keep thinking and reading, take action. Yup, TAKE ACTION. The world has a lot of book readers like you. So, do you wanna be a just another reader or the one who deserves to be read by others? Decision is in your hands my friend and I hope you are upto the challenge. So, let's begin with the must read books. First, we will discuss about some general entrepreneurship books and then we will jump on to marketing and sales books.

Well, one more thing, I won't let you know in detail what the book actually has stored for you. I want you to dive in that glamorous ocean and spot the gem yourself, otherwise there will be no fun. So, let's start👉😀

  1. DELIVERING HAPPINESS: The book describes the life of a small startup which later became a multi million dollars brand, ‘ZAPPOS'. It shares with you the major insights of the company culture at Zappos, their ways of WOWing every customer and childhood of Tony Hseih, the honorable CEO of Zappos. Well WOWing may seem weird to you right now, but believe me it's going to be your favorite word after reading this book. You will get to know how you can build a great company culture and how important culture is for an organization.
  2. GOOD TO GREAT: The greatest enemy of Great is good. Yup, you heard it right, it's not bad rather it's good that is the biggest enemy of great. You know, there are a lot of companies in this world which are good but very few are great. Even we will find a lot of people in this world that are just good, who are in the middle of a pyramid but only a few make it to the top of a pyramid. Means, very few of them are great. The book focuses on the same concept. It will tell you some very new and eclectic ways of transforming your organization from good to great. The book contains case study and examples of a lot of good and great companies and tells you by comparison, how both of them differs from each other.
  3. CREATIVE CONFIDENCE: This book by Tom Kelley and David Kelley, founders of IDEO, describes how creativity plays a very vital role in your entreprenl journey. It lays emphasis on a fact that every soul in this universe is creative, creativity is not something god-gifted, instead it's there in every individual. It describes how even doctors, managers and engineers can be creative. Author also shares his learnings of Stanford University.
  4. THE THIRD DOOR: Alex Banyan, the author of this book, decodes success formulas of some of the great entrepreneurs including Warren Buffet, Lady Gaga and Larry king by interviewing them in person. This 18 year old boy, dared to interview some of the wealthiest persons in this world in order to quench his thirst of discovering how these people made to the top of this world.
  5. 48 HOUR START-UP: It's an autobiography of Fraser Doherty, and here he shares his journey of setting up a multi-million dollar company starting from a blank piece of paper. The author shares some of his childhood experiences highlighting how he used to sell coffee and other things in order to earn money. It's much like a handbook and won't take a lot of your time. It's a must read guys.

Now, let's discuss about some sales and marketing books:

  1. THE PURPLE COW: It's a very informative book that reveals some of very intriguing and lesser known advertisment concepts. It tells you how important is the role of a squeezer in marketing. It tells you how early adapters and innovators can help in skyrocketing your sales and what are the myths of marketing to masses and investing your money and time on late adapters.
  2. MADE TO STICK: This book tells us, why some ideas prevail while others just fail or are dumped down. It examines ad campaigns and compelling stories to determine the six traits that make your idea stick to your mind
  3. TO SELL IS HUMAN: This incredible book remained No.1 at ‘The Washington post bestsellers', 'Wallstreet journals bestsellers' and even on 'New York Times bestsellers'. This amazing book tells you about various strategies and tips describing why people buy a particular product and how can you make them understand that your product is going to satisfy their needs. The book also clears a myth that sales is not just meant for extroverts. Every human, whether he/she is an introvert, ambivert or extrovert can ace the game of sales.
  4. MARKETING MANAGEMENT: This book by Philip Kotler is not less than Bible for all the marketers and marketing aspirants. It's a very long book discussing almost everything about marketing from scratch to bottom. It might take a lot of your time and you might find it a bit complicated to comprehend but it's worth it guys. Finish it in 2–3 months, that's not an issue but do read it. It's a must read.
  5. HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE: Well, you might be wondering why I am recommending this self help book in marketing section. But lemme tell you guys, you can't find a better book than this in the whole world. It's my personal favorite and hope it will become yours too after reading. ‘ Success compromises of 15% knowledge and 85% self expression'. Well this is the main headline of this book and tells you about the art of self expression. Be it marketing or sales, you always need to convince people and if you can do it correctly you can definitely Ace the game of sales.                                                                                                                                                        Hope the article helped. Well, if you have some more book recommendations, do tell me in the comments section.  All the best for your journey ahead👍😊.                             Bye-bye 👋👋.                                   Have a dashing day ahead...

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