The New Tomorrow






 "Online learning is not the next big thing it is the now big thing"

New technologies force academic staff to assume new responsibilities and to develop a whole range of new skills.

E - teaching is the new tomorrow nowadays.

Over the past few years a wide range of e- teaching and e- learning applications has been introduced to encourage maximum students engagement with the course and it's content whether students are in school, college or off site.

Guidance:  As online teachers needs to play the role of guiding students through one or more online learning experiences. After all, different online learners prefer different learning styles and modes. So, online teachers need to change their mode of teaching accordingly to provide personalized education.

Motivation: It is not hidden that online learner needs to remain motivated throughout their online course. Online learning is a hard work , but when you get engaged it's more interesting and fun.

" Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges"

There are nowadays various institution open which provides online assessment to students where they can learn various courses almost everything possible by just being at their homes. E - teaching has also given facilities to the students who resides at that part of the country where a bunch of activities are not available to them but now they have hands full of opportunities with them.

Online teachers also teach various life lessons and skills to their students as well. They can incorporate many such fun - activities to teach the importance of self -discipline , sense of responsibility ( because the students became self dependent)and ownership to students.

"Teaching in the internet age means we must teach tomorrow's skills today"

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