The Insecurity Against Abundancy - MBA? MS? and more....






MBA or MS?

Foreign universities or Indian?

Does UPSC sound good?

Maybe I can settle down with a job.

So many options to choose from. One wrong choice and you fall down the ladder.

What about the society, the people and my parents? What will they think? 

Career… a very big and confusing decision for most of the students. A lot of engineering students have no idea what to do next. Parents and relatives are telling to do M.Tech or MBA. Friends are preparing for MS, someone has got a huge package in XYZ company and this is the common story happening every day around you…isn’t it? While choosing a career, the problem is different people giving different advice.

You might be also one of them who is facing the same dilemma. You are unable to decide what’s the next step you should take for your career. What if you go for a job and you don’t find growth over there? What if you go for an MBA or MS taking a huge amount of loans? Is there any guarantee for the job after spending two more years in masters? What about MTech? is there money and a future in teaching?

These thoughts make an engineering student's mind their home when there’s too much pressure from one’s surroundings. Our society tells us to foresee, our habits guide us to procrastinate, and the end result-crushed between the two, we end up doing nothing. Lost in the race to perfection and the intimacy of following stereotype routines like sheep, we have forgotten the essence of a start. 

Options never come in an adequate amount. We often find ourselves complaining about very few choices in a restaurant and ironically, at times, complaining of too many. The transition from a teenager to an adult turned these choices into a curse. I still remember the sense of freedom I felt when asked to choose between French and Sanskrit in my 5th Std. It gave us an impression that I could live life on my terms and whims. This tendency fades as we reach adulthood and unquestioningly just fall into routine activities without stopping to reflect on their significance. Today, when that one option in life has turned to so many, I feel burdened and this compelling wish to run away. Accosted towards the end of my 2nd Year, and having so many doors in front of me, I don't know which one to step towards and open. Behind every door lies a sea of uncertainties, and the fear of getting drowned stops me from taking any step further.  Deep down, my subconscious is always recapping that if I push myself in the wrong lane, there is no coming back. Using this reason as a shield, a student sets their mind on the mental barricade against every opportunity that comes his way and waits for a so-called perfect one. 

Why aren't you doing anything? Because I am not sure what I want to do.

Everything has the right time. Does it? Do you concretely believe in it? I don't think so. I believe we can create the right time for anything. Waiting for a career path based on our interest, to come our way seems like waiting for water to somehow walk up to you in a desert. Spoiler alert, it certainly won’t happen. Pursuing one's interest is the ideal path. But how long are you going to wait for it?

We look for interests that will last long and ignore the rest. But we don't realize that time is passing. At any point in time, we have our instantaneous interests, then why do we hesitate to go forward with it? Why are we concerned with the uncertainties of the future? Interests change from time to time, the change is inevitable. That does not mean we stop pursuing it. The perfect one won't come your way; you will have to take the matter into your hands and step up to begin your quest. We all have played the game of Snakes and Ladder. Do we wait for the highest ladder, and bypass all the others? No, right. There are snakes on the way to bite us and push us. But we still take the ladders. Why don’t we take this as an example and introspect our own life?

Our current scenario and understanding of life are so analogous to this game. There is a final ladder, but the path is also full of small ladders and snakes, which are inevitable. The more you delay them, the harder they will hit you, no doubt. But if you never start the game and don’t get out of your comfort zone, how do you even planning on reaching the ideal dream zone. It would be best if you seized the opportunities that come your way and create room for others. Sitting idle and waiting for the right thing to come isn’t going to work. You will need to search for it. 

Decide what is it, that you yearn for, at this moment with no worry about the outcome. Did you try to find out on your own what you exactly want to do after engineering (without listening to anyone)? Did you try to ask yourself where your interest lie? Do you take interest in tech and want to explore this field more or you find your personality best fit into the management? Have you got your answer? Move forward, step by step. Don't think that if this path fails, you won't have sufficient time to pursue the other. Every path that fails is going to leave some positive things behind. That will be a path you know not to follow the next time when you pick up yourself.

No more will you settle for the opinions of others, nor will you settle for someone else’s opinion of your value. The destiny that is in your hands. You grow stronger every day from the work you put in. You know what you have to do. The time for change is now, today is the day, there is no tomorrow. Your time starts now…tick....tock….

-Submitted by Bhavin Yardi, via CollegeTime

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