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Societies in the college play an important role in shaping us and bringing out the best in us. What if the societies are aligned to our interest and future goals? The Technical Societies at Netaji Subhas University of Technology aims to provide the right environment for students to explore the technical avenues.


1. Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) :

IEEE NSUT is the student chapter of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Their foremost objective is to create an environment which promotes students to learn technical knowledge, inculcate managerial skills and develop their overall personalities and foster technical initiatives and innovation among students. For more information:


2. Inception of International Organization of Software Developers (IOSD) : 

From projects to interview preparation, from hackathons to coding contests and from college guidance to CV building, International Organization of Software Developers(IOSD), NSUT aims to provide just the right environment for students to explore the technical avenues alongside being a part of live projects under the guidance of experienced seniors. For more information:



CSI-NSUT is one of the oldest societies of NSUT. They aim to teach every student the basis of software development, i.e., Data Structures and Algorithms. The SIGs teach you all the important Data Structures and Algorithms that you need to ace the Coding Interviews and many other topics like Web Development which help in making projects which will shine in your resume. And to practice your coding skills they organize coding contests and hackathons with exciting prizes. 


4. Algorithm Society of NSUT (ASN) :

The main aim of this society is to focus on improving the competitive programming environment at NSUT. They help juniors get a good grasp and understanding of the fundamentals as well as the advanced topics in competitive programming so that they are well equipped to perform well in various programming competitions, across colleges as well as at the International Level. 



5. The Debugging Society of NSUT (TDS) : 

The society has a sole purpose to develop the passion of programming in the students and help them to emerge greatly in the field of tech. Taking sessions on C++/JAVA fundamentals and C++/JAVA advanced including various Data Structures and algorithms (like Greedy, DP, tees, graphs, linked lists, square root decomposition, segment tree etc.)

For more Information:



6. Nakshatra NSUT : 

The aim of this society is to peruse a collective goal of understanding complex physical phenomenon with the help of mathematical rigor. They also provide a common platform for college students to discuss, deliberate and spread various interesting conundrums and concepts featuring the realms of Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics. For more Information:



7. eCell NSUT :

The aim of this society is to encourage students to become independent, self sufficient and work on their own ideas. Students shall acquire skills like marketing, leadership, team management, technology, communication, and hone their skills to be an effective manager. 

For more Information:



8. Venatus - The Gaming Society :

The name "Venatus" means "Game" in Latin. At Venatus, they aim to popularize gaming culture in NSUT. The society aims to inculcate a gaming spirit within the students and share the value of gaming industry in a student friendly way. Venatus is segmented into JUEGO, for esports and ALFRESCO, for outdoor gaming. The society is very well structured with departments in PR, Production, Tech and has a good social reach with official app and website. For more information: 



9. Collegespace :

Collegespace thrives to become a one stop solution to all the social and academic needs of students at NSUT. Check them out whenever you are in need for previous year exam papers, notes and practical files or whenever you need any other guidance. They are tech and product management enthusiasts who believe in solutions. If you are looking to help build solutions to student problems in college follow out their orientation and recruitment drives. 


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  1. kanakaggarwal.mcsJan. 2, 2021, 7:15 a.m.

    Super Interesting Details! Wonderful effort by Akshat Aggarwal.

  2. kanakaggarwal.mcsJan. 2, 2021, 7:15 a.m.

    Super Interesting Details! Wonderful effort by Akshat Aggarwal.

  3. Good Insightful blog written by Akshat. Thanks for giving information about NSUT societies.