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Once we enter college after completion of our schooling, the environment and daily routine both takes a turn. Academic pressure reduces and we end up having a lot of spare time in our lap. How to spend it productively is a major question. So, let's answer this question...

Developing trendy digital skills:  In this tech- driven world, everything is getting digitalized. Be it classes, meetings, marketing, shopping, payments and lot more. Social media is emerging as one of the biggest marketing and personality development platform. Websites are replacing books and newspapers. Videos are being adorned with animations. Tech skills are not just ordinary skills, they are oxygen of coming era. So, let's take a glimpse of some of the most useful tech skills:

1. Social media managing: It is a process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by analyzing analytics to gauge the success of campaign. The key role of social media manager is to expand content reach to wider audience, increase brand awareness and drive sales. This skill can offer you numerous internships and freelance work which can pay you 15-20k per month.  

2. Web development: Web development comprises building and maintaining  websites. It's the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look catchy, fast and flawless. It is done by using a variety of cool languages. CSS and HTML are two major pillars of the learning process. you can learn this skill via Youtube. There are a lot of tutorials on web development. 'Udemy', 'Coursersa' are some other relevant platforms. 

3. Programming languages: These are formal languages  comprising of a set of instructions for producing various kinds of output. These languages are majorly used for developing web applications, desktop apps, media tools, network server and much more. Guys, if you are a beginner, then I will suggest to start with C++ and then step up your game to Python or Java. 'Geeks for Geeks' is a perfect platform to get started. 'Code with Harry', 'Neso academy' etc. are some other nice Youtube channels. First of all, master your basics, only after that attempt for competitive coding. Also, it's much more important to master one language then being a jack of all trades. 'Hackerrank', 'Codechef', 'Coding Ninjas' are some other perfect platforms to practice competitive coding.

4. Digital marketing: It's a form of marketing done using internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop computers and mobile phones. It's a broad field that includes attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media and much more. There are 7 types of digital marketing:

>Influencer marketing

>E-mail marketing

>Content marketing

>Search engine optimization(SEO)


>Affiliate marketing .

You can master any of these domains depending on your interest. I would suggest, start learning it via Youtube and not through paid platforms, because Youtube has more than enough content to explore. Playlist on digital marketing by 'Ankur Aggarwal' is quite beneficial.  

5. Video editing: In contemporary era, where people are even shooting their videos of having dinner and uploading it on internet, it has become extremely urgent to make quality videos in order to keep the ball rolling. So, video editing is not just a skill instead it's like a lifeline for all vloggers out there. 'Adobe Premier Pro cc', 'iMovie', 'Final cut pro' are some of the most used editing apps. If you are editing using your android, then try out 'Kinemaster' and 'Inshot'.

6. Graphic designing: It is a craft of creating visual content to communicate messages. It is done by applying  page layout techniques, typography, visual hierarchy and interactive designs to optimize the user experience. It also involves designing the overall layout for applications such as magazines, brochures and advertisements. 'Adobe photoshop', 'Adobe illustrator', 'Adobe Xd' and 'Adobe Indesign' are some of the most used and reliable software.

So, that's all in today's blog.

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