Some important tips to excel in CBSE Board Examination.






As we all know,

that the dates of CBSE board examination are coming close due to which both parents and and their children are worried and scared.😱

And why should you not be afraid?

Bro, its 12th that is "BOARDS."😂

Such intimidating things all the 12th students will be listening a lot now a days.

I request to all the students who are giving their board examinations this year , please do not pay any attention to such things.

Just sit down for a while and start thinking about these tips, (P.S - whether you want to adopt these tips or not is completely your choice) which I am going to share with you from my own experience and I am very much confident that it will be very much helpful for all of you .

Some easy tips you can follow to excel in

 CBSE board examination-

  • First and the most important tip is to make a timetable and follow it with all the sincerity, I know most of you have already make it but those who have not made it, make it now, before it is too late. As a good time table will make preparation easy.
  • Manage your time table in such a way that, after studying continously for 6 to 7 hours you will also get proper time to study and relax. These breaks from study are important to relax your brain and retrieve energy to get ready for the next study session.
  • Devote your maximum time to your study.
  • Practice previous year question papers as much as you can because you all know the fact, that most of the questions that come in the examination are from previous year papers.
  • Before solving previous year questions make a command in your NCERT book first.
  • Do not cut off yourself from social environment.
  • Make your personal notes in your own language for higher understanding.
  • Always have a balanced diet and try to sleep for 6 hours but not more than that.
  • While writing the paper the most important thing you all have to keep in mind at presentation matters. Write your answer in clear and neat handwriting.
  •  Try to increase your writing speed.
  • Draw the diagram very neatly where required whether it is asked or not.
  • Always attempt those questions first which are of higher marks in the question paper.
  • In mathematics, right formula everywhere where it required and check your answer again and again because in maths students do a lot of silly mistakes.
  • Leave two lines after every question as it will present your answer clearly and examiner will never get confused while checking your paper.
  • In papers like English, science, ....… try to underline the key points of your answer.
  • If you don't know the answer of any question never ever leave the question. Try to write anything which you know about the question .
  • In every optional questions , you need to carefully choose that question for which you know the answer perfectly .
  • Always maintain a clear order in your answers..lots of cutting should be avoided.

Thats all .

I am damn sure that these tips will be very helpful to all of you. Follow these tips with all your sincerity then you will definitely obtain good marks in your CBSE board examination. ( P.S - Thank me later)😊.

All the best .

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