Children don’t want to go to schools anymore






Children don’t want to go to schools anymore. What will be the future of schools after the COVID-19 pandemic? Written by a Teacher.

COVID-19 has severe aftermath and the government is taking several measures to control it, out of which closing education institutions was the first one. Now that people are used to the pandemic and slowly things are getting unlocked, one of the controversial unlock is school reopening. There is this massive concern of parents and teachers about the school being safe for the students. But there remain many more unanswered questions – Do students want to attend schools or not?

We have been watching videos and memes about children not wanting to go to school, which are hilarious, but it raises a question – why students don't want to attend school. As a teacher, I have asked my students and have received surprising reasons which look quite valid.

Some students don't want to wake up in the morning, get dressed, and rush to catch a bus to the school. They don't want to eat cold lunches, take the effort of getting dressed, etc. Some high school students find online teaching better than in-class as they are comfortable and better understand concepts.

Online tests conducted by schools are mostly one hour, while in traditional schools, these timings were much longer, which would tire and stress the students.

Many 11th and 12th graders raised concerns regarding their time getting wasted as at school because of the travel time, free periods, breaks, etc. Breaks and free periods at home can prove to be quite productive.

Other than genuine reasons, some naughty students don't get scolded online as the teacher can’t judge who isn't paying attention; they don't face as much partiality and bullying by classmates. One of the cheekiest reasons is that it's easy to make excuses and cheat during online tests.

But on the other hand, some students still wish to attend school to meet their friends, children with working parents find it quite lonely at home. One of my students gave a hilarious reason; according to him, in school, there is less teaching compared to online.

COVID has raised various questions about how society is working, and humans are leading life. We need to rethink why most students don't want to go to school and how we can revolutionize the education system.

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