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When the word “school” comes to my mind, I imagine a red building with lots of room and a big playground where children used to play once. But now the definition or meaning of school is different. People pray for the schools to remain shut.  School is a place where students grow and develop in terms of physical growth or emotional growth or social development.  Due to lockdown last year children are more lazy and enjoy there leisure to the fullest but thankfully government is thinking to reopen schools.

 Few states like Karnataka, Bihar, Puducherry, Assam, Pune ,Gujrat and Punjab have open the schools. Delhi and Maharashtra are still considering this issue. Maharashtra is planning to open with 50% capacity. While Delhi will reopen the school for classes 10th and 12th on 18th of January. Rajasthan will also open up schools, universities, coaching centers by 18th January. While Tamil Nadu will open school for the students of  10th and 12th on 19th of January. The schools have opened with the consent of respective parents.

While it comes to precautions to take, we all are well aware of it. We have practiced it for  almost an year. Mask, gloves, sanitizer, social distance are a must. Temperature test should be done regularly while corona test should be encouraged for teachers and staff. If we find someone corona positive then proper facilities should be provided. Schools should be prepared for every possible situation like to arrange mask, gloves, sanitizer pumps etc. Canteen , assemblies, celebration or any form of gathering should be avoided. One student per seat, sanitization after school hours, washroom sanitization should be adopted.

I think I have given enough of facts, now lets see from my point of view. Schools used to be soo much but now the reverse is happening. The physical , mental, social growth of student is hindered. Student is not showing all round development instead they are being effected by their house environment.  Not every one is priveleged to have an studious ambience.

When I think of teenagers, a lot is going with them, they do not have councilors to guide them. They are not aware of the changes going on with them. Stuck at home with that same thing, they are not able to discover themselves. Students are lethargic  and they don’t have any fire nor goal to study. To guide them and to pave their routine it will take a lot of time. They have lost their proper routine  in last year.

Due to online mode of education, students are more prone to social media platforms.  Every second child wants to be a content creator now. Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube etc. have taken a toll. Suddenly students have realized their creative ability.  Some students do have facility of phones or touch screen devices and they are left in a vulnerable situation. They cant afford it, but unfortunately they were not considered.

When teachers see the attitudes of students they also don’t feel any need to teach. They just do their job according to school and are not interested in giving any additional information. Parents are also fed up with their children being at home for no reason. They too get irritated by them and feel schools should be opened up on prior basis.

Summing up all the information ,” the need of the hour is opening up of schools” with precautions. We will have more corona positive  cases  but for that reason we cant keep India’s youth at home and hinder their progress. We should be mentally prepared to deal with more cases.


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