Reading & Exercising always a boon for Humanity






Every Child since the start of his childhood starts reading various books, newspapers, novels, stories and many more. For some students reading turns out to be a hobby and few of them absolutely hate reading and studying books. Reading is itself an exercise if someone is reading something it is an exercise which strengthens our brain, increases our empathy and also helps us grow personally as a person. It not only increases our vocabulary but also increases our speaking and pronunciation skills. It is also one of the stress burster which helps people to come out of a depression. Reading books increases our physical and mental health and those benefits lasts for a lifetime. Reading also creates self-satisfaction which prepares you for a proper good night rest.

Reading should be done completely of your choice, the books which you personally like. But sometimes, I feel that reading may also be curse rather than a blessing as it allows me to see the problems that were going on in the world, but it did not give me the capability to fix it, or atleast do something about it. It also generally happens for children of small age who read some story relate the bad characters with themselves which proves to be really bad for children’s thinking ability. But on the other side you also feel that you’re not the lone person in this world or a crybaby or a freak, there exists some other people too. Also people with really very sharp minds and high grasping capability can remember everything once they read something atleast once. But if you can’t remember those feel that it’s of no point.

Whereas doing exercise helps a person to be physically and mentally fit. It helps you to control your weight, build a fit physique also it reduces heart diseases which will improve mental health and will brighten up the mood. It also majorly contributes to help our thinking, learning and judgement skills sharp as you age. It is also good for your muscles and bones which will allow them to be strong always. And the most important thing doing regular exercise keeps a person happy and can be termed as a sign of happiness. On the other side exercise is always said to be good but too much of exercising or running too fast can have serious consequences on your body and brain. Also Over-exerting yourself could actually turn out a sign of negativity and could be worse, could damage your heart and other parts, lead to injuries and may make you addicted. Exercise addiction is an unhealthy obsession which is often a result of body image disorders and also some eating disorders. It also affects your behaviour which leads to unintentionally expressing anger towards someone or getting possessive regardless knowing the circumstances etc.

It is always recommended that consume large meals atleast prior three to four hours of exercise. Small meals should be consumed one to three hours before exercise. Also people exercising daily change their preferences from unhealthy food to consuming only healthy food items. While they consume more of lean meats, fruits and vegetables over fried foods, sodas, consumption of alcohol etc. Eating smartly and being active will not only keep a person fit but also reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and some cancer related disabilities. It also prevents weight gain and promotes weight loss.

Thus, I personally would recommend every individual to take some time out of their busy schedule and keep doing exercise regularly and make reading a habit as it is really a boon for humanity.

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  1. tanishaagrawalFeb. 20, 2021, 7:16 a.m.

    Very true, Keep writing amazing stuff!