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Since childhood, we have experienced that education changes from learning/writing the facts to understanding the concepts. In secondary school (9th-10th ) we found the meaning and purpose of education to some extent.  We were able to know that because of some motivated seminars, famous quotes like Einstein said “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”.

Pondering over these quotes, we may think that why we are wasting our time learning these useless formulas, reactions etc. We should stop wasting our time and learn those things which really help us and which are recognizable by everyone in this world.

But at the end of this blog, you will be able to figure out that this education makes our personality, builds character, enhances thinking ability and analytical skill, thus it’s an indirect way of achieving Quality Education. Moreover our attitude, expression and whole of us can be determined to an extent by our percentage/CGPA.

I do agree with people who may not have good marks but have other skills but the most general/common way of knowing about a person is his academic records. We are well aware that most of the scholarships,  prizes, jobs  have their first round of having a good academic record despite the fact that most of the jobs, prizes didn’t even have a relevance with the stuff you have learnt for securing percentage and CGPA.

Why do all these perks rely on that piece of paper, despite the fact that what you studied for getting good marks, is of minimal use in jobs. Further rounds such as interview rounds are purposely taken to duly check the skills you gained while studying.

Now, you might be thinking which skills are developed when we prepare for exams. Let’s talk about what skills we develop while studying and how you can enhance them.

There is simple logic here , if you could relate the following skills from your past tough situation and how you handled them, then you will be knowing to what extent you master these skills.  

#1. Time Management:-  think of a situation when You had many events(competitive exam, school exam or any other events) happening in a week/month/day. And you were to participate in them. How you made it/what steps you took/ how you devoted your time to each event.

#2. Decision Making:- Situation is same as above but now events times are clashing, you might miss one if you go to another, on what basis you did not participate in a particular event .

#3. Understanding:- Are you the person who when seeing a problem try to solve it by different methods, available to solve that problem or you understand it to an extent until you have a clear picture of finding a solution through the next immediate step you will take to solve it. Usually the one with the latter approach has a better academic record.

#4. Vision of Future:- This skill is developed mainly through solving the problems of physics and mathematics involving some practical applications. Isn’t it Funny J How? Figure it yourself L

These were the main Skills which are needed throughout our life. There are many other things which can be figured out from a good academic record. But since you would have got to know now How things work, you would easily figure them out.

Conclusion:- So,  what to do now? Find out various skills which one might think you would be having from your academic record. And try to enhance them through self-analysis and guidance from mentors. 

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