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In simple words Examinations are the tests which are most often used for an assessment of a particular person. In educational field it is a test to show the knowledge, ability & smartness of a student. A student is called a candidate who takes an examination. Exams are important in the process of learning and is a great way to learn regards particular subjects. Talking about Online Examinations it is now a modern way of conducting exams. It is especially an escape with the ongoing Pandemic impacting globally in the educational field. It has provided an option of taking an exam remotely in a secure virtual environment which will be using the latest technology. This has ensured a great boost for the educational community.

There are various advantages and disadvantages while conducting online examinations which may prove to be a boon or be a curse for the world.

Online examinations are Environment friendly as copious waste of paper, pen etc have immensely caused a reduction. In today’s world where our motive is addressing the climate change crisis at the top, but one of the advantages of an online examination is substantially safeguarding our environment. However conducting an online exam will ensure that the organisations can go paper-free and not print exam question papers and create paper record of applications etc.

Due to an Immense Advancement in Technology a vast majority of professionals & individuals rely on computers for emails, presentations, digital designing and various other tasks. Human preferences have altered tremendously with the inclusion of the technology. The familiarity of online exams is growing day by day and are more comfortable with such an interface and process.

Online exams don’t require renting a class or hiring an invigilator for  manual invigilation which turns out to be much more Economical than offline exams. There is no need for students to gather in large numbers in a spacious classrooms to take the test. Which overall reduces the cost in securing an exam venue, printing question papers, providing students with exam answer-sheets and supplementary materials.

One of the main thing which proves beneficial in an online examination is that it Reduces Time invested in overseeing the entire examination process. This exam platform saves the precious time of both the students and the teachers, which would otherwise be wasted on repetitive tasks. The online exam software features the option of adding and importing questions, enabling students to access exams and facilitating batch-wise examinations. These online examinations provide privacy for students which validates the usefulness of the entire process. Also there is no room for conducting any incorrect unlawful practices which may produce incorrect result. It can be said as online exams are Highly Secure and Easy to Use.

Online examinations also have few Negative impacts which can largely affect the educational system.

Implementing an all over new system may create a minor disruption and may require a period of familiarization by the users. Also it will require some investment by the educational institutions to upgrade the systems. So it will be a real task of facing few challenges in Technology Adoption.

 One of the major disadvantage of online examination is Infrastructural Barriers in remote locations where access to electricity, stable internet connection and other basic system requirements are really very difficult to meet. Such barriers impede online exams.

Also would like to mention the problem arises in Long Type Question Answers. Subjective answers require manual grading, for which examiners need to invest additional time. Here modern system overlaps the traditional one.

One of the major barriers of online examinations is Cheating. Especially in high stake exams students often tend to copy , get external help via smartphone or smartwatches. This system offers multiple cheating opportunities such as connecting external storage devices and much more. This won’t lead to improvement in employment as only results will be better but the minds , thinking of the people in a creative way won’t improve at all.

Hence, choosing the right online examination platform can help you avert such drawbacks also technology continues to simplify its processes for educational institutions and one day it will surely find the best way out.    


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