How will students get affected by not opening the schools due to the pandemic






How will students get affected by not opening the schools due to the pandemic??


Are you really worried about the closure of schools for a prolonged time due to this existing corona pandemic?? 


Here are some of the reasons why you have to stay cool and thankful for the closure.

Though we have many disadvantages with online classes and pieces of training, we still have to move with it taking into consideration the safety measures and pieces of advice as per the government.

If you have a preschooler or kindergarten kid, you will have worries about school closures. Because managing a kid in the home without taking them out is extremely a challenging task and in this pandemic, kids are never to be taken outside. 


But if all the schools are set to open, Will you send you kid to school without fear??

Well, many of us do not have a clear answer to this question. So closure is accepted completely in this case.

Then let us look into the students who are on the edge of the board exams. This pandemic has brought in unexpected changes in almost everyone’s life undoubtedly. Starting from lower extending up to higher class, everyone has a distinct story. 

At the beginning of this pandemic, there were no online classes too. But in the later stages, the government has passed an order to take online classes to get the students in touch with the subjects. 

It is accepted that students are a little bit affected by this type of learning program. But the procedure has to be followed strictly to ensure the safety of students.

Though we have several precautionary measures taken in all the public places, coughing and sneezing cannot be controlled in schools. So in a confined area control measures will not be that effective. Students are to be advised to have masks and sanitizers in their places and that should be used at regular intervals without fail.

Students are always requested to stay safe and healthy, thereby making others stay safe too with available awareness programs.

In recent news, we have seen a student who has committed suicide as she does not have an android phone to attend online classes. The incident is saddening and such instances should be corrected by directing them in the right way by the higher officials and authorities.

If you are in your teen ages, you will have some maturity to take care of yourself and in maintaining social distances. But, the same cannot be expected from every student. 

So to stay safe and reduce the affected numbers, our government has recently released some guidelines to be followed while reopening the schools. Only students starting from their sixth grade will be allowed with proper precautions. 

It is important to have the health of the students monitored and observed daily. 

Certain protocols need to be set from the school management to encourage the students in getting awareness and positivity in getting through this crucial pandemic.

Whatever we speak about education and development, when it comes to safety and healthy we will never let our kids move out of the home. 


Finally, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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