Mistakes to be avoided during preparation for JEE- MAINS AND ADVANCED






I think that I am a superset of all the mistakes that a student can do while preparing for JEE Exams. I wanted to share my experience with everyone so that none of the viewers should repeat these mistakes.

Why should you listen me?

 Because I have cleared JEE-ADVANCED examination with a respectable score and presently I am at IIT Madras

Points to remember:

  • Don't just study all the chapters once and keep it for exam time. You have to revise these chapters over a period of time otherwise your chapter is gone and your effort is wasted.
  • Don't just keep on studying theory for maximum time. You have to give your maximum time for solving questions because ultimately what helps is your question solving ability and speed.
  • Stick to only one notes or teacher throughout because reading from different notes and through different notes creates a lot of confusion.
  • You have to do some physical activity daily.
  • Try to tell someone the track of your progress and your plans regarding every chapter that you are doing.

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  1. Points you told are really helpful. I am currently pursuing my masters(not from iit ) and i found these points helpful thank you so much