Is it worth?






We all are aware how the things are right now, how we all are dealing with this pandemic. All the businesses are in loss, many people lost their jobs & in this situation, how we can afford the college fees? Is it really worth to pay such huge amount & getting nothing in return?

I know we all have asked this questions long back but I am writing this now because, the faculties are crossing their lines. Many of us stay in remote area where there are network issues, & network issues are very common. Despite knowing all this the how can faculties tell us that NO EXCUSES WILL BE ENTERTAINED LIKE NETWORK/ELECTRICCITY/COVERAGE OR ANY OTHERWait, suppose if there is no electricity, no network for two days, how are we supposed to plan the things? They need everything from us & what are they giving us in return? Faculties, I am asking you openly, who are you? What type of degree you have when you can’t think of such things? Okay, fine, we have marks for that; we have to do it, agreed. But when you are teaching us, do you have proper network? Do you have electricity backup? Why you guys get disconnected between the call and then tell us, there was power cut/network issues? What you think of yourself? Why we should entertain your excuses then if you can’t consider our genuine reasons. We all want marks, attendance, but if the network is not proper or if there is no current how can we do the submissions?

We are paying you the fees in this situation & what are we getting out of it? Are we using your buildings? Your Wi-Fi? Or any other facility? You take the money for library, labs, ID cards etc. but are we using it? We are buying the books on our own, then why you want the library fees? Have you posted our ID cards to our local address? No. then why you need the fees for all this things and still you ask us to take broadband connection, inverter etc. You guys take those broadband connections & inverter, so that, you won’t get disconnected when you are TEACHING us.

And I don’t understand what wrong with the this Supreme Court? Despite knowing the situations & all these things, how can you allow the universities/educational institutes to take full fees? What’s wrong with you?

Dear Supreme Court & Govt,

You are supposed to help the people; you are supposed to solve the problems/issues & not to create more. This is not fair.

We are doing all this, we are paying you the fees even after we are sleeping on one time food, is it fair? IS IT WORTH?

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