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hello everyone, I hope that you are doing great !!

Today I am going to tell you how you can learn to code, but before starting let me tell you how you can start,

so  In the whole journey, you have to be passionate about it even if you are getting a lot of error but be patient.

what is coding?

coding is the language of the computer which computers understand so, how its works? we basically used to give some instructions in the form of code and you can say that certain task that we want to perform on the computer and it will generate the output through compilers

coding has two types :

1) block-based coding 

It's an easier type of language that you can also learn easily In this language, a block of code is available to perform a certain task and programs It takes less time and you can do your work what you want to do that sounds cool but how we learn it? There are a lot of platforms available to learn block-based coding 

some of them are :

MIT APP INVENTOR: It is a very useful platform because we can create apps there and also we can publish them on the play store 

The interface is also good you can easily understand the logic behind each of the blocks, you can create so many apps there like; background-color changer app, calculator, speech recognition, and so on...

SCRATCH: It is one of the platforms where kids can learn to code without any previous knowledge of coding here, you can make animated stories and games Like; car racing, ludo king, and so on

2) Text-based coding :

Its a higher language of coding in which you have to write all your code there is actually no such direct library are available but 

some data types and predefined function are there so you can use them but in short, you have to write the whole code to make any project

Types of languages :


Platforms where you can do programming :

1)sublime text editor 3

It is an offline editor where you can write your code but before that, you need to download it from the official website then you can simply create files and write your own code yes for running the code you need one thing that I am going to tell you next.

2) GCC compiler: Its a compiler where you can run your project and see the errors if any for that you just need to download it from the official website GCC simply install it and set up the whole platform on your pc then just write the command to run the program.

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