How to easily maintain a Journal / Diary ?






 Writing a journal entry. is different for everyone. We all write differently and about different things, so it is a different experience for everyone. We can help with pointing you in the right direction, whatever that direction may be. If you are a beginner then just start small because people who are used to writing journals or diaries can fill pages in one go. Journalling helps like a meditation as you brainstorm everything in your journal. There are some points that you can keep in mind when you write a journal.

1.What kind of journal you want to write?

  • AFFIRMATION- It means setting down our Goals, Hopes, and Dreams which h can be added on every day or when you learn something new. For Example - I will complete my one-month exercise challenge, I can bring good marks in Math, etc
  • GRATITUDE- Where you usually thank a for the things you have the people you are with or something that just happened about which you are grateful for.
  • FREESTYLE- As the name says whatever comes to your mind just jotting down you feel any event that happened with you and your grateful or sad about it you can just write it down. It's basically having a conversation with yourself.

2.Keep a dedicated notebook-

A thought could come at any point in time so instead of writing on a piece of paper, make a journal that you can carry everywhere. Buy a journal that doesn't have to be fancy or heavy. For the beginners writing in a normal notebook or pocket Diary.  you can have a good habit of writing skill. 

3.Pick a Time-

It will help you to maintain a journal setting a time that gives consistency rather than a feeling of writing a journal where ever and whenever you get time .Try to set a time in your daily schedule so it is easy for you. like writing gratitude /affirmation as you start your day or write before sleeping at night after you come home and write about what you felt about the day. Choose a time either morning or night and stick to it.

4.Its ok to write your journal 3-4 times a week-
Some days you don't feel like writing a journal or you are too busy to take out some time from your busy schedule well that's alright. But try to write 3-4 times a week at least which helps to maintain the consistency of writing a journal. if you have a habit of writing daily that's great also. It gives you clarity of your life like keeping track of your event and feeling so it gives you a sense of decision.

5. Write when you are alone-

Writing a journal is a feeling that you're talking to yourself, how you can fix it if you have made mistakes. so, you cannot write a journal when you're sitting between a group of people try to have a smile on your face while writing a journal it helps you to accept your flaws and your achievement happily. writing a journal also helps you to know yourself better. In a busy schedule of life with your studies or office work you don't get time for " me time". Journaling helps you to provide that me time.

6.Try different ways like sticking things-

It's not necessary that journaling is not just about writing , you can express your feelings by sketching or just decorating your journal, you can write quotes if you read it somewhere and you liked it. If your article is printed in the school newspaper you can just click a picture and paste it and write how you felt when you saw your article in a newspaper.

Journaling is a small world of your own where you fix your dark side and enjoy your bright side. The point of writing a journal is just sorting your thoughts because when you write a thought in a journal you actually sit down and think about it like how you can fix it, what you feel about it instead of overthinking in your mind. It helps you to sort your thought in an ascending order to know which thing you can have to think more about.

It could be anything like dealing with your Breakups or you had a fight with your friend or like me who can't keep secrets and telling someone can cause you some problem, just write it down and keep your journal close to you.



                                           GIVE A TRY TO JOURNAL.

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