Five ways to improve writing skills







Writing is the means of communication and expression of our thoughts ,  ideas or knowledge in the form of written words .

Writing whether creative or subjective requires use of imagination and vocabulary. Like any other art it can be learned

and  mastered, although it is also an inborn talent latent in some people  . Writing skills can be honed by exercising the ‘writing muscles’ regularly.

There are many ways in which one can become a better writer


1.    Reading -  To write better we should be a voracious reader.

Habit of reading  is necessary to develop a good vocabulary

and it exposes us to different styles of writing .

we should read as much as possible from whatever sources

we can avail of.

2.   Good observation- A keen sense of observation of people in their varying ways  and happenings around us is a must-must

 for a good writer.

3.   Good vocabulary-  We can write well in the language we are

familiar  with. Learning new words ,their meaning and usage

regularly is a good practice. Although it does not mean that

we  should use difficult words only but a good vocabulary helps in better expression of our thoughts.


4.Keep on keeping on-  Writer’s task requires persistence because better writing skills cannot be developed overnight.

We must start in small ways, say writing a diary daily, a memoir, a letter etc but writing regularly is the key.


5. Choose our niche-  Begin with writing about what  we think about or are passionate about. Lot of research is needed on the topic we are are writing . Internet, books, newspapers etc can be of great help .


In short , ,writing more and more, we will perfect our skills with each passing day. If we aspire to be a great writer  one day, let no one scorn the dreamer .

Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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