Does School Really Disregards Mental Health Of Students?






Schools and education system as a whole has been very ignorant towards the well-being of students. Most of the education that comes from school is only academics and after school, a person must know a lot of other things than just some formulaes. However, that's not the point I want to bring up. There needs to be more open conversations about how school and education system talks about their concerns for students but their actions are completely opposite.

First let's just start with the environment of a classroom. I am sure even you would have had experienced this thing several times where after a teacher finishes their class or lesson, they do a quick oral test to see if students have been paying attention and starts calling out student's names randomly and expects them to answer correctly. It is a matter of no question that teachers do work hard when it comes to teaching but the idea to see if students were paying attention is a little inconsiderate. Students attend classes for hours everyday and they take up new information in every class. It's been verified by scientists that human brain's concentration lasts till 80-120 minutes, then it needs a 30 minutes long break. Now think of students who attend almost 6-7 hours of classes everyday with a lunch break, which is barely 20 minutes long. There's not enough time for rest so it's only human that students end up getting distracted by the bird sitting on the class window or their thoughts during class. Teachers should encourage willing participation from students instead of naming them and embarassing infront of their peers, as it also can lead to bullying of that student. 

Something I have also experienced is the anxiety I feel whenever my teacher starts to call out names to see who remembers the lesson they just taught and the helplessness I feel is excruciating because I have been diagnosed with anxiety, if I would be in fear while attending classes that "my teacher will call out my name and I won't be able to answer", even if I do know the answer, anxiety just builds up in my throat so high that it's hard to even speak and then I have to hear comments from my teacher and feel embarassed among my classmates. Not to forget the students with ADHD, who often struggle with concentration, where are the concerns for students who need it the most? 

Another thing is how worrying deadlines are. Truth is, no student is so lazy that they purposely don't do their work, they all have valid reasons of why they couldn't do it in the given time. Maybe they had something else to do or there was some distraction which prevented from getting their work done. But teachers are often so inconsiderate that they forget that students lives don't revolve around school. Sure, it's one of the most important ones but all students are still humans, who have other responsibilities as well. Students also have their parents who often contribute to their stress by holding onto their wildest expectations; and not to forget how students must handle it all if they are living in an abusive household?

Nabeeha Anwar | Design Editor

Especially since last year, since schools were shut down due to the pandemic, everyone had to face a lot of difficulties. As time passed students started to get used to the new normal of attending classes through online platforms and unlike how social media portrays the experience of online classes, it's not close to things a student feels. First, the network issue is an actual genuine problem, which I admit some students lie about making teachers hard to actually understand the ones who do face genuine network issues. Secondly, students' attention span being so low that they can barely focus on screen as watching screen for long periods cause headaches and the distractions of being around family, it's often overlooked. I understand that teachers also go through a lot of hardships in teaching but the taunts and ranting just don't help with students' mental health at all.

The bottom-line being, school or classes, are also a phase which will soon be over and the amount of stress deadlines give and the fear of "my teacher will get angry" is not worth some assignments and grades. To all the students, skip classes for a few days if you need it, prepare yourself for the worst scenario where your teacher will call you out, but please don't sacrifice your happiness by getting stressed over things that you won't even remember a year from now. 

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