Education sector cut in budget 2021 is justified or not ?






Like some other countries; people of India were too waiting for the annual financial statement aka budget 2021-22 presented by finance minister Nirmala sitaraman with a hope to fight with the unprecedented covid19 pandemic. And among those who eyed on the budget curiously are the students of this nation who had suffered in one way or other like internet connectivity issues in attending online classes,cancellation foreign universities admission ,lack of digital infrastructure etc.

But when on 1st feb,2021 budget is released it is found that center had slashed the allocation of education budget by 6%.There has been a cut to Rs 93,223 crore from Rs 99,311 crore in the previous year(as per the budgetary proposal) 

Allocation to Department of school education has been reduced to 54,873 from 59,845 in previous year and if we talk about Dept .of higher education there too has been a reduction of budget allocation from 39,466 to 38,350 crore this year.

Also the budget for Samagra shiksha abhiyaan - a scheme to provide quality education to all schoolgoers has been brought down to 31,050 crore form 38,750 crore .

From the above allocation made this year a genuine question come in everyone's mind that whether this cut is valid at the time when educational institutions and students community is deeply impacted by the covid pandemic.

This question  is tried to be justified by finance ministry through the budget which has touched upon the much anticipated implementation of national education policy and some other new policies namely:

  • 15000 schools will be qualitatively strengthened
  • 100 new Sainik school will be set up
  • A central University will be set up in leh to boost higher education in Ladakh 
  • collaboration with UAE and other countries to enhance education and skills in india 

In a nutshell i can say budget this year is not as much focused on education sector which is clearly understood from the figures which are lowest in the previous two years but what i feel is education has an imperative role in the growing nation like India and it should be given much more priority so that the effects of covid-19 can be normalised.

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