Changing trends of studying due to e-learning






Change is an inevitable part of life. Covid-19 brought a drastic change in the method of learning. The educational institutions are shut down but learning hasn't stopped. ICT has played a major role in this. 

While the classes are taking place on online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Extra curricular activities have also been conducted through the same platform. Students have appeared for their session's exams as well. In a nutshell, things are being carried out by adapting to this new way of learning. 

E-learning helps us in self paced learning, saves time and paper and provides more opportunities of learning. One can access learning the courses from a university situated overseas. Therefore e-learning doesn't set any boundaries to knowledge. 

As the mode has changed,the method of teaching and learning is also being evolved. For now, the performance may not be efficient enough due to less familiarity and old practices, but slowly and gradually we are going to get better at it. 

There are health issues like severe headaches, eye strains, backaches etc. due to increased screen-time and inactivity which must be balanced with sufficient exercising everyday because the body affects the mind and vice versa. One must keep track of their mental and physical health in order to perform well.

Hurdles like digital divide will be overcame and the teaching methods will get better. With consistency and self discipline, one may benefit from e-learning in all the ways because this is the future! 

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