A Guide to DTU Online Semester: For Freshers






2020 is the first time universities have opted for an online semester due to COVID 19. It's quite understandable that many students, especially freshers, might find the system complex to understand.

Here is a breakdown of the entire semester at Delhi Technological University with all insides from a senior's perspective.

Surprise Test

 2 surprise tests will be held throughout the entire semester, and the best one out of 2 will be considered. That is, your highest score will be counted. Surprise tests are carried without prior knowledge, although some teachers help the students out by informing them of the test's approximate date. These tests are usually taken through google forms and are of MCQ nature, and are of 10/20/25 marks depending on the subject and the teacher.

Senior's Advice

Make sure you ask your friends or classmates to inform you if there is a surprise test being held if you are not going to attend a class on a particular day due to some reason. Make sure you submit the test 2-3 minutes before the time's up, or else you might not be able to submit it due to captcha issues or any other undetermined internet issues.

Class Test

3 class tests will be held throughout the entire semester, and the best  2 out of 3 will be considered. That is, your 2 highest scores will be counted. These tests are held with prior knowledge, and teachers stick to the schedule given by the university. These tests are also usually taken through google forms. Still, many teachers insist on students uploading handwritten answer sheets. The nature of the questions can be subjective or MCQ + Subjective. These tests are of 20/25 marks depending on the subject and the teacher.

Senior's Advice

Make sure you study for this test. The time given is usually 1 hour, and take the last 5 mins of the time to upload your answer sheet as from experience, last-minute uploads typically go wrong.

Lab Evaluations

There are 3 lab vivas/tests that will be held throughout the entire semester, and the best  2 out of 3 will be considered, that is, your 2 highest scores will be counted. Lab evaluations can take the form of MCQ tests or vivas in the respective labs. Lab evaluations are usually not that stressful and can be handled easily.

Innovative Projects

DTU has introduced the new concept of creative projects in each subject. You will have to upload the project proposal that must list your plan and proposed work for the project at the beginning of the semester. The teacher might then ask you to present some updates mid-semester, and at the end of the semester, you are required to submit a report and deliver the project. Projects are to be done in pairs of 2 or individually. Usually, the projects need to be related to the subject. It can be anything tbh really depends on the professor, The professors might ask you to read some research papers and replicate them or for subjects like computer science, they might ask you to write code or build any other simple project. They might provide a list for you to choose from or you will be entirely free to choose a topic. There are some subjects where a project is not possible at all, for those subjects usually you are free to choose a general topic but depends on what your professor will tell you. The reports will be submitted at the end of the semester basically summarizing your whole project, attaching your work & results, and probably screenshots of implementation. 

Senior's Advice

Get working on your project from the beginning. This is something that will take time and make sure you choose a partner carefully.  

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