Analysis Of Interest






Analysis of our current situation is very much important. We should always check from time to time the direction of our effort. Now, what are the things on which one should focus to know about their interests. So firstly one should ask himself/herself some questions.

  • Is there a subject which you enjoy while studying?

  • Does the time limit you from doing your favorite work? 

  • Are you the person who after 3-4 hrs of study feels like a person with bad luck?

The majority of the academic problem in student life occurs because we are not able to enjoy the stuff we read. Your interest in the subject decides your future academic goals. To do great things we sometimes need to leave our comfort.

It's like whatever the thing you do, you have an image of it in your mind i.e how you think about your work. 

Currently, you may be doing a lot of things every week. It can be like painting, dancing, sport, academic subjects, photography, etc. Now ask yourself which is the work you can do more accurately and consistently without irritation and anxiety.  Are you studying only because you need a cgpa or you are reading with heart and also appreciating the work of a person who wrote it. Yeah, I agree one has to study all topics to succeed. But interest in a particular thing will make you recognizable and successful in the future. 

The person with no particular interest should explore all things and start working on one as soon as possible as it's never too late to start but may cause more difficulties if not started soon. So try doing the thing you like the most, it can be playing cricket, football, etc., or studying.

Generally, after choosing your field of interest you will still find it hard to go with it. The First 2-3 months are difficult to continue with the same subject and you may feel it is boring. That's why peer groups are important because when people with the same ideas and ambitions work together, confidence and excitement come in handy.

Hope you find something to ponder over !

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