In simple words , for me career guidance programmes which are held in various places can be called as Google map towards the right path of success. It can also be called as right track for our future generation. Mentorship is also an important aspect towards success , it helps the aspirants of a particular field get motivated , uphill their morale and much more. As per me mentorship programmes will not only help the mentors to improve their leadership skills but also will gain emmense satisfaction after seeing aspirant successful in their future life.

We all know , our India is still a devolping country so for embracing the young minds of our future, I personally feel career guidance and mentorship programmes should be conducted not only for the ones who are willing to but also for the ones who neglect this aspect of guidance and mentorship stuff. This will not only reduce our unemployment rate in India but also will reduce the time span of making India a developed country. Also the mentors have a crucial role of examining, analysing and further working on a particular data researched.


How important is career guidance for today’s world??

Talking about career guidance/mentorship programmes, they should be treated as a necessity for every student of today’s generation and can even be given free of cost if required , as today’s generation maybe the spark of our upcoming future. Mentorship programmes will have an immense effect on the mentees which will lead to developing their strengths and overcoming weaknesses also it will open up their opportunity of developing new skills and knowledge. This will help individuals make a shift from the general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the realistic and practical career options that are available to them. It refers to the advice & information that helps individuals especially young people to decide on a career and also teaches them how to persue their choosen career.

Goals and impact of mentorship?


Mentors can have a powerful impact on a professional’s career, providing feedback & guidance that complements what they receive from their supervisors and their project managers. Generally speaking, it’s a LEARN BY WATCHING skill , which has both advantages and disadvantages. The goal of mentoring is to provide career advice for both professional and personal enrichment. Mentorship can be termed as managing their own learning in order to maximize their professional potential, develop their skills and become the person they want to be.


A Mentor = Coach ????

A Mentor can also be called as a coach who provokes and creates strategies for men to develop themselves personally & professionally. We can also say that mentorship is generally a longer relationship which lasts for a year or more which is mutually beneficial. It can also be said as a two way relationship where both the mentor & mentees help eachother to develop their own personal skills which prove to be a boon for their careers.


Should we consider working with a Mentor?

Considering to work with a mentor can be said as an informal way to get a valuable guidance. It offers a new perspective from a seasoned professional. Also it can be said as how to appropriately follow-up, add value to mentor’s life and career and also proactive in your own career growth. The modern mentor can deviate both of our minds and career in a way which cannot be taught in school, colleges, a boardroom or on some business trip.


How will a value be added to a Mentor-Mentee relationship?

As being a mentee, you should always think of some ways to show our appreciation and make ourselves available for our mentor. It’s really very important to prove that we appreciate the relationship by valuing our mentor’s advice and time – if only by arriving early at meetings , adjusting our own schedules which will make a meeting convienent for our mentor. Be proactive about mentorships and always remain open to learning.


Steps for Career Planning……….

·       Check out what is your present status & what you’re doing now .

·       Figure out what you’re interested in, derive the process & know your strengths.

·       Whatever you’re planning, you need to be aware about the educational qualifications/certificates required & how to utilize your strengths in that process.

·       Also the most important thing, you always need to back your skills & strengths and match it to market reality.

For this mentorship/career guidance gives a platform for you to realise what you are really capable of and how you can achieve it.

To Conclude this Google map I would have a say, it is the sum of Efforts & Career choices which will determine the quality of life in future.

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