DTU Fresher FAQs: Answered by seniors






Q) Which society to join?

You see there is no clear answer about which society or tech team is better but remember you must try everything because at this time all the societies and teams will welcome you to join them but this does not happen in the second year or at any other time. Everyone has both good and bad experiences with all the societies and you have your own journey and you can't expect the same experience as others. Our advice is to initially join all the societies in which you are interested, don't miss the opportunity. At the same time be aware of the fact that all the seniors in the societies and tech teams expect freshers to devote a significant amount of time to the society, therefore soon try to filter out where you want to spend your time and where you don't, hence filtering out the societies you would like to be part of.                    

Q) How much time should I devote to studies?

Studying and getting a good GPA shouldn't be such a big problem as long as you are consistent and follow the right books since all of you have cracked the entrance examination to reach here and most of you know your way to getting good grades. Usually, most seniors with a 9+ GPA religiously devote the 2-3 weeks leading up to the examinations to studying. Due to relative marking, you have to compete with all the students of your branch to get good grades. So here is a parameter that could help you predict your academic performance in dtu , In any kind of exam/test/viva, you can judge your performance by comparing your marks in that test with the highest and average marks of your class. You should get above the average marks and close to the highest one.    

Q) What is the minimum GPA required?

So here comes the most famous question that is asked by almost every fresher. Don't believe the seniors working with you in the society as they require a major portion of your time for the society therefore they will always tell you that grades don't matter or it is easy to get good grades here. So to remain on the safe side you keep your GPA at least 8.0 or above it. The first deciding factor that will be considered during your interview or shortlisting during internships/placements/further studies will be your GPA. W agree that it is not the only thing that is judged but yes it has a significant contribution to your selection procedure. So try to keep it as high as possible. 

Q) What is the Internship scene in DTU 

So all of you must have heard that it is necessary to do 3 internships during your B Tech. It is a debatable topic. Don't run behind the useless Internships which are not significant. The most important thing that you should be concerned about is your GPA and the skills that you acquire during your first two years of college. As these are the deciding factor that could help you to get an on-campus internship in your 3rd year. Companies start visiting dtu in the 5th semester to offer summer internships during June-July which is at the end of the 3rd year, the time when it really matters. Many companies finalize their summer interns during the 5th semester. The internship period is June-July that is at the end of your 3rd year but selection starts from the beginning of the 5the semester for different companies that visit the college randomly. The students are first shortlisted on the basis of GPA and then an entrance test takes place. Most of the time it is a coding round that requires you to write codes in any of the languages like C++, java ,python etc. After the entrance test there, if shortlisted there are multiple rounds of interview that needs to be cracked.  

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