A guide to becoming a CR in DTU






Being a class representative can be exciting as well as stressful. As much as it increases your self-esteem, it may consume much of your time in different activities and responsibilities.

The process of being a CR also takes a lot of energy and time. The most important thing that comes in handy is your way of dealing with the crowd. 

Like most of the colleges, a CR in DTU is also chosen through a well-defined election procedure.

The preparation for the same begins days prior. The students standing up to be a CR submit an application to the admin block by filling out a form and try convincing their classmates that they will be there as a leader/representative at the hour of the call. On election day, each class holds voting wherein students of the class vote for their preferred candidate. The candidate with the most votes wins! If there is a tie in votes then the candidate with a better JEE Mains rank is chosen as a CR.

Also, there is kind of a rule book applicable to it-

1. You can only become or contest for a CR twice either you win or lose.

2. As for now about the posts. A student who is a CR mainly in the 3rd year can contest for the posts. ( President/ Vice President/ Joint Secretary/General Secretary)

3.This basically comes in the term when you have done a good amount of work as a CR and have a back of a particular group system.

Being a class representative there is always a bunch of pros and cons 



  1. Leadership and management skills: Being a class representative helps you develop leadership and management. You would learn how to manage and lead a class which would further help you in your future.


  1. Multi tasked: With such diverse responsibilities pertaining to a large number of students in class and class activities, you learn to multitask while juggling between your role and classes. This helps you to become more efficient.


  1.  Contacts and reputation: Being a class representative helps you build contacts with other school fraternity which includes your department heads, seniors and teachers. It also helps you earn a reputation within your school fraternity which would further help you in your academics.




  1. Stressful: Being a class representative can be stressful. As you have to juggle between diverse responsibilities to maintain the decorum and uniformity of your class, it can be stressful to juggle between your studies and other commitments. In addition the online semester and the work involves adds up to the stress.


  1. You could be missing classes: One of the biggest cons is that you miss classes due to involvement in various other activities. This can be a loss for you as you are supposed to be at so many places that you could be missing important subjects.


  1. Criticism: As a class representative you can receive a lot of criticism as you have to take up some actions which others might not approve of but are good for the class. It certainly depends upon your strength and commitment as to how to take that criticism. 

Therefore, the position of a CR in college is very significant and fun at the same time. But, it also requires a lot of patience and strength to tackle some tough situations because sometimes the CR also has to be on the students side and cancel the classes XD.

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