Reasons why Bharatnatyam is world famous






Reasons why Bharatnatyam is world renowned.

Bharatnatyam is an indian classical art form which originated from Tamil Nadu. It was earlier known as Saddir Attam. It is believed to be the oldest classical dance form in India. It is a dance form that expresses ideas of hinduism, shaktism or vaishnavism.

Bharatnatyam is a sophisticated display of sign languages depicting deeper meanings using hands, faces and muscles. In this form, the upper torso is fixed, knees bent with feet and hands moving. It displays the narrative of hindu mythologies like other classical dance forms.

Bharatnatyam was banned by the colonial government in the nineteenth century because they felt it to be liberating and expressed the language of freedom.At present, bharatnatyam is popular all over the world and many new spectacular techniques have been incorporated along with various non religious themes and fusion.

Bharatnatyam is a team performance that consists of a solo dancer (ekaharya) , musicians and singers. The music notes and vocal sounds are usually ancient Natya shastra  and Abhinaya darpana

According to T Balasaraswati, renowned Bharatnatyam  dancer , the order of recital viz alarippu, jatiswaram, varnam, padams, tillana and the shloka is the correct sequence in the practice of this art, which is an artistic Yoga, for revealing the spiritual through the corporeal. 

  1. It is a compilation of physical, mental, intellectual orientation with concoction of mathematics, science and immense Literature (history and Mythology ) 

  1. It provides  a  medium of communication which binds the audience with the performer. It creates empathy unity amongst them.Bharatnatyam was earlier known to prevent evil influences.


  1. One of the most unique qualities of bharatnatyam is relevance. It provides relevance to science, knowledge and religious sculptures.

  2. Bharatnatyam is an expression of devotion and religious stories. Carnatic classical music is used for this traditional dance.

Hindus believe that this dance form was expressed by Bharma and it is known as Natya Shastra.The dance consists of two forms: nitya and nritta. Nitya involves movements of the body to display emotional expressions.

Mridangam and cymbals are used for this dance form. Kanchipuram and banarasi sarees along with dhoti are used as costumes.It is known as the oldest form of dance and is believed to have originated from Tamil Nadu.

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  1. I am a Trained Bharatnatyam Dancer myself and I have completed my Arangetram too 20 years back... Yet even today those moments feel so special... The article resonates a lot... :)