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We live in a century where time is a most critical asset, distances are becoming shorter, and the world has become a global village. People want to save money and time. Unfortunately, they face problems in this regard. But what if we tell you that there is a more economical and swift housing option for you?


When it comes to reliability and durability, there is no match of mobile homes. If you have a piece of land and are not sure you want to keep it in future or not, then you can set up a mobile home there because a usual home might cost you more and you cannot move it at all once its built.


Though Mobile homes are not easy to constantly move around with, yet they are easier than usual homes that are permanently placed at one place.


Mobile Homes 

The world is adopting new patterns of living with the change of needs and time. An all-unique concept of living is gaining popularity, which is known as mobile homes. They are easy to build and quickly move wherever desired. Like a typical home, they have rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry areas. The area in the mobile homes is managed efficiently to make the best use of available space.


There is a wide array of categories available in mobile homes. They are single, double, and triple sectioned. The concept of wide homes has got much demand in mobile units.


Single Wide Mobile Homes

They are based on a single section and chassis and have wider space in a single unit. Mobile homes are ready to use where ever shifted and do not need assembling.



There lies a long series of advantages in adopting the lifestyle of mobile homes. 

·         You do not have to face the hassle of constructing on your land as you can have a ready-made house.

·         It is a cheaper option of living. And you do not have to pay high rents and costs of new houses. You have to bear a minimal amount for the construction as well.

·         The homes are most of the time flexible in design. You make some amendments as per need with changing less effort. Which is a difficult task in fixed concrete homes.

·         They are designed as per the environmental conditions. You can customize your home as per needs and wants. They provide a better guard against environmental hazards.

·         They are cost-efficient. Mobile homes require less cost in building and the maintenance is also cheaper. 

·         Mobile homes are eco-friendly. They make a negligible contribution to pollution. When we already have massive pollution, building new and newer houses can cause more noise, land and air pollution. 

·         This concept of living strengthens our social system. As we move to more new places, we explore more about the world, see new cultures and get more socialization chances with increased personal network and broader horizon. 


Single Wide Mobile Home Floor Plans

The term 'single wide mobile home floor plans' refers to the floor plan or to the layout of how and where the rooms should be. Floor plan includes the number of rooms, their size and position. You can even customize your floor plan according to your budget and preference.


It is a systematic approach in which you have to carefully design our home as per the standards and your needs. The next most crucial step is to convert this design into reality because it entirely lies upon the plan and functions correctly.


Customize Your Plans

These homes provide a great chance of customization in terms of design, features, and functions. You have more space to advise your architect or designer. Walls are adjustable, and floors can be single or multiple. The outlay of your home depends upon your single wide mobile home floor plans.



 Before starting the planning phase for a mobile unit, you should consider services offered bythe professionals in the field like Mobile home manufacturers Kamloops. They have experienced people.


Developing The Model

Before doing anything towards the house's development, it is necessary to develop the design on paper; however, in this era of technology. Models are designed on computer systems. 2D and 3D models are made. In some cases, the physical models are also made to see the physical look and making feasibilities. 



The materials to be installed in the house should be selected carefully. The material must meet the strength and aesthetic requirements. Alongside, it should be light in weight. So it does not increase the overall weight of the house and ease mobility. 


Sanitation And Plumbing

These are the essential functions of a house, what should work correctly at any cost. Water tabs, showers, and sinks should be in the proper place, and the drainage system is designed to avoid blockage or malfunction. 


Electric Works:

 It is another crucial area in house development. The electric installation must be appropriately fitted to fulfill the safety standards. Connections and sockets must be available in every area where they are needed. They must be out of children's reach, and the wires and appliances should meet the quality standard to avoid short circuits and fires. Proper lighting must be ensured. 



While planning for your mobile home, you have to take care of every side and each corner. Walls must have space for cupboards. A proper ventilation system must be put in, and rooms should have wider space. Mobile home manufacturers Kamloops offers unique designs with the latest features.


Self-Sustained Home:

Your mobile home will be ideal if it fulfills its electricity requirements. Installation of solar panels at the roof will protect the house from heat and will generate electricity. Natural light and air must have complete access to rooms. With lessen energy requirements, your home will fulfill its energy needs itself. 

What Are You Waiting For?

It would be a pleasure of heaven to have such an ideal home. When designed with care and experience, it becomes more worthwhile. As one of the top-rated Mobile home manufacturers in Kamloops, we’ll help you pick better single wide mobile home floor plans as per your family size and needs. Let’s get in touch now and take a step towards your ideal mobile home. 

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